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Zhahaluowa has also appeared in the major petipa ballet Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and La Bayadere, she neumeies today and the past, in the solo part is also impressive. Zhahaluowa at this time have become a master of various styles can be ultra-modern ballet dancer. In addition to most of the time for the Mariinsky Theater (mariinsky theatre) replica watch gift performances, the Zhahaluowa still in Paris, Munich, New York, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and London and other cities in individual performances . In 2001, only 22-year-old Zhahaluowa starred in the Paris Opera, La Bayadere and became the first 13 years of production in France, the Russian ballerina ballet drama performances.

Zhahaluowa in the 20032004 season joined the Bolshoi Theater, Song and Dance Troupe, lyudmila semenyaka become a permanent tutor. Zhahaluowa joined the Bolshoi Theater after the first performance pierre lacottes Pharaohs daughter (la fille du pharaon) after recording into a dvd. Grand Theater in Moscow, the work of six years, she jumped all over the yuri grigorovich all the classical repertoire, coupled with the Mariinsky Replica Audemars Piguet watches Theaters performance, as well as the Paris Opera, Opera, Hamburg State Opera , Tokyo New National Opera performances of Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and La Bayadere and so on have become Zhahaluowa promote the art of classical ballets international ambassador.

Zhahaluowa is considered a purely representative of the Russian school of ballet, she met in Milan, the famous French choreographer roland petit, the latter for her tailor the ballet pink floyd. Zhahaluowa artistic achievements have received recognition and numerous awards, including: vaganova-prix competition, balticabrewery of our hope Replica Chopard watches prize (1997), St. Petersburg, the city of people of our city (2001) , golden mask national theatre of the best female ballet dancer Award (1999 and 2000), the Russian Federation merited artist (2005), the International Dancers Association benois de la danse Award (2005), and the Russian State the talented evocation of stage characters and the development of russian ballet great traditions Award (2007) and so on.

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Teske was born in Ukraines Road Zhahaluowa city a military family, the age of 10 has entered the kiev ballet school to learn, follow valeriya sulegina dancing six years later, she participated in the Youth Dance vaganova-prix home games and finished replica Tissot watches second, 15-year-old competition, she was the youngest player that year. Zhahaluowa then be recommended to skip the second grade, directly into the Vaganova Russian Ballet Academy third-grade graduating class to learn, a non-Petersburg school of a helicopter into the final year students studying at the school is without precedent,

She was also lucky enough to be mariinsky Theater, the former ballet dancer elena evteyeva one of the first graduates. end the Vaganova Russian Ballet replica Zenith watches Academy of study, the 17-year-old Zhahaluowa into mariinsky theater, and in the second quarter, was promoted to soloist. In fact, Zhahaluowa mariinsky debut in the Shi Hai is a ballet school students, when she was in Don Quixote has been foreshadowed in the excellent performances of Russian ballet scene is a shining star rising.

Her second major show with her lifelong mentor who later became a well-known ballet dancer olga nikolayevna moiseyeva co-operation Bach branch Chale Fountain (the fountain of bakhchisarai). the ballet Giselle has become Cartier replica watches Zhahaluowa career in dance performances in the first major success, the public and the critics of this shows concern that she got invited to the Bolshoi Theater. Romantic gift this young ballerina in the Bolshoi Theater, then the chopiniana stand out, she was more successful in Balanchines work, Apollo (apollo), Serenade (serenade), Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux (the tchaikovsky pas de deux),

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Audemars Piguet New Ambassadors Bolshoi Theater principal ballerina Svetlana Naza Hallova (svetlana zakharova) Following the announced the replica Rado watches sponsorship of the Bolshoi Theater, the Swiss top watch brand Audemars Piguet has begun using the Bolshoi Theater and then announced that the Chief ballerina Svetlana Zhahaluowa (svetlana zakharova) as a brand new image Ambassador. le palais de cristal , as well as the jewels such as ballet drama for solo performances.

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