yesterday was the birthday party for the twins and then Husband's nice private

(apologies Evelyn King)Well, yesterday was the birthday party for the twins and then Husband's nice private birthday party for me, so I missed the Saturday game and most of today's game and got back just in time to watch Keppinger, playing short (shudder) botch a dead easy GIDP ball which let replica Longines L3. watch and then found out that Mills is punishing him for 2 errors and hitting into a GIDP by playing a much worse fielder.Yeah, that'll larn him REEEEEL good alright along with teaching Bud Norris not to throw strikes oh, right walking the guys and letting them get HBP ain't workin out real too good there neither.And Wandy?

And speaking of Lidge, did all yall see Uncle Albert lidge Ryan Dempster today?And oh yeah youknowwhoHimself’s name can’t be spoke by the media he just hit 740 AND he’s STILL leading the NL in slugging and OPS.hehhehhehhehWell, Wandy lost again this time deservedly so.But truth is that kidding aside, we can’t count on Sluggers replica Ulysse Nardin 266-66-3-625 Men's watch Ausmus, Everett, Burke and Biggio to win all our games for us.Lance and Carlos Lee have GOT to hit.And Carlos left 6 guys on base and Lance left 4.Still none of the local guys are talking about Lance’s seriously bad slump.

Craig Biggio steps up, sends the next pitch, a 90 mph meatball off the LF wall for a 389 HR.THIS WAS replica Tissot T0055171105700 Men's watch!Bagwell, who didn't look real too good at the plate all game swung at a pitch that looked low and outside to me for big strike 3 and that seemed to settle Sheets a bit.Pitches picked up speed, got a little sharper and he made it through 5 innings, getting 3 Ks in the 5th.

Trever Miller looked VERY good the best I’ve seen him look all year

Trever Miller looked VERY good the best I’ve seen him look all year.He pitched a 1,2,3 inning 2 Ks and an easy fly ball.Brad Lidge was on a choke collar one hitter, one hit and he was out.Of course, it didn’t help that the hit was to left and our left fielder isn’t good at anything but nice flyouts.I am thinking that he won’t be with the Stros much replica Ulysse Nardin 670-88-212 Men's watch longer.The only question is will he be sent down so that he and the 5 mill will just be gone without any return, or will he be traded for someone, anyone, and if so, how much money will Drayton be willing to eat?

He spent most of 02 hurt and was traded to Toronto , who sucked just as bad at the beginning of 03, went 4-6 with a 5.0 ERA in 54 IP, and was replica Tissot T33.1.388.32 Men's watch traded to Milwaukee and found the NL a LOT more to his liking, going 3-2 in 8 GS with a 2.58 ERA in 52.1 IP.He went 12-12 in 04 in 34 GS with a 3.39 ERA in 207.1 IP.In fact, he's the hard luck guy where the Astros are concerned he had 3 games (1 against Roy and the other 2 against Roger) where he pitched 7 IP giving up 0 or 1 run and STILL didn't win.So I guess we'll have to see if Craig can steal his 4ooth base and if Jason Lane will continue to be our team SB leader…

Those Poor Brewers.Roy was ON last night and the maybe 20,O fans who showed up got a REAL treat.Roy pitching like ROY.Sharp FB, wicked curve, with a few sliders thrown in to mess the hitters' minds.95 pitches, 74 strikes in 9 IP 8Ks and replica Tissot T64.1.385.53 Ladie's watch walks, only 4 hits.On the pre-game show 740 KTRH, they said Ben Sheets was feeling sick but was gonna pitch anyway.He started off throwing slowish (for him) FB and curves, and after fouling off 5 of them, Adam Everett hit a hanging curve 340 into the Crawford Boxes in right for his first of his 8 yearly HR.

but the rest of their relievers suck worse than ours do

WHY does that guy have a ML roster spot? No hit, no run, no field? And Matt Wise looks pretty darn good, but the rest of their relievers suck worse than ours do.Maybe I'll call them and ask if they'd like to trade him for Mr.Veteran Presence Franco…….Well, tonight is dollar hot dog night, so we SHOULD get more people than the maybe 20,000 who showed up to watch Roy ace the Brewers.(Yes, I know the “replica Tissot T60.1.583.51 Men's watch” attendance was 26,412 but they count every season ticket holder and not the numbers who actually go thru the gates…)And it's lefty night again Andy Pettitte vs Doug (hard luck loss) Davis:WHY do teams seem to always send lefty pitchers to oppose each other?

So far this year, Andy is 2-1 with 2 VERY hard luck losses (bullpen el sinko, bats el stinko) and an ERA 3.44, 1 HR, 5 BB and 11 K in 18.1 IP.He's lifetime 3-2 against the Brewers in 8 games with a 4.28 ERA, but hasn't pitched against a Milwaukee team in over 3 years.Doug Davis he was drafted in the 10th round by the Rangers in 96, replica Tissot T90.4.446.5 Men's watch glanced at the grass in 99 and came up for good in 2000.He relieved some, and started some, had a 5.38 ERA in 98.2 IP.The next year, A-Rod joined the Rangers and they went from decent to el-sucko even though Davis went 11-10 and lowered his ERA almost a full point to 4.45 in 186 IP.

Yes, I know he’d only thrown 84 pitches, but he LOOKED tired and he wasn’t as fast to the plate as he usually is.(This was QUITE different from Phil sending Wandy back out for the 6th last night we were down by six, not two.And fer SHER replica Ulysse Nardin 020-81 Men's watch after Roy loaded the bases by hitting the PITCHER, it was time for him to come out and Phil shouldn’t let Roy tell him what to do that is the infamous Grady Little Pedro mistake.Roy was damm lucky he only gave up 4 runs this game.And I blame Phil for the last 2.You gotta know when to hold em, when to fold em.

So Brad throws 5 straight 95 mph FB to Clark and he sends the next one 358 into the Crawford Boxes

So Brad throws 5 straight 95 mph FB to Clark and he sends the next one 358 into the Crawford Boxes.Did we lose asks the kids no, but he better get Spivey replica Tissot T90.4 Men's watch, which he does on 5 sliders.Brad Lidge, BTW, gave up 4 HR last year after becoming closer on June 24 all to righties in 63.2 IP (including the postseason) or one HR every 16 IP (roughly 15 games) and a 1.27 ERA.In fact, he was 5-2 with 29 S and 3 BS.Only 1 HR resulted in a loss 2 resulted in a BS, but we won anyway and 1 didn't affect the game.Interesting…Last Brewers made 3 errors and except for Jenkins (who ain't used to RF) their fielding really sucks ESPECIALLY Wes Helms.

It’s catchup from the 120 pitch in the freezing cold in Philly followed by the short rest game.He clearly didn’t have his A game goin on from the first inning.He just looked tired and when Bill Hall led off the second with a single then Geoff Jenkins almost hit a hanging something out, I wasn’t surprised at all.He wasn’t striking guys out, replica Ulysse Nardin 273-68 Men's watch was throwing too many balls (it didn’t help that the ump wouldn’t call belt high FB as strikes) and there were four VERY hard hit balls against him.I was absolutely shocked that Phil sent Roy back out there after the 6th inning, which looked to me like a last hurrah.

Stros,You got your audience shrinkingYou got me feelin disdainIt's a shameSometimes I think I'm going insaneBut still I want to stayShame!My mother says you're not playing?the gameAnd what you do to?us fans?is aShameOoh, gonna love you just the sameMama and I don't understandUp in the standsIs where?we want to beBut we've bout had enough, boysEnough of that super suckAstros love is in my heartWhich you tearing all?apartSo, why aren't you replica Longines L5. watch ?!


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